Give thanks to the Ocean for having the SUPERPOWERS to solve Climate Change

The ocean contains 90% of the carbon in the global carbon cycle.

 When you add up all of the carbon atoms in every living thing, in the entire atmosphere, and in all the soil on land, it still amounts to only 10% of the total carbon atoms in the carbon cycle.  

 The other 90% of all our carbon is dissolved in the ocean!  

This means that the best place to sequester CO2 from the atmosphere is... in the ocean. And the best way to do that is with blue-carbon coastal ecosystems. Think: mangrove forests, kelp forests, and coastal watersheds. All three of these ecosystems protect biodiversity and fight against ocean acidification. They do it in a natural biological way, the way the Earth has literally evolved to sequester carbon over hundreds of millions of years.

Right now, the ocean needs a little help from us. Hello, SeaTrees! We’re making it easy for you to protect and regenerate these damaged blue-carbon ecosystems so that the ocean can keep the carbon cycle in balance.  

There’s a bonus! Planting SeaTrees does a lot more than sequester carbon. It creates jobs that enable local communities to afford better education, life-saving medicine, and more diverse and stable sources of food. Mangrove forests protect these same communities from storm surges and keep local waterways clean. Kelp forests support a diverse array of aquatic life and are crucial nurseries for the continuing new generations of myriad species.

Give a gift that gives back to The Ocean this Giving Tuesday—we’re pretty certain that she’s our best solution to reversing climate change.


Head to the brand partners pages on our website for a full list of brands that - like us - think the ocean has the power to reverse climate and are planting and protecting SeaTrees.

Brands like Pangaia - they've planted more than 150,000 mangroves with us in 2020.
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