Growing Your Next Surfboard: Flower Powered

Introducing our newest film: Flower Powered

"For surfers –  the ocean is both our playground and a sacred space for personal reflection  – yet we often overlook the impact our pursuit of waves has, on the life support systems of the planet."
Experience the journey from tree to toxic plastics to sustainable innovation in our latest film. Discover how surfboard construction has transformed over the years, from its origins in natural materials to the environmentally harmful "plastic-fantastic" era of the 60s.
A wave of change is cresting as we're witnessing a revolution in sustainable materials and building practices. Dive into this film as we explore the reimagining of traditional materials for a high-performance, ocean-conscious world.
The ECOBOARD project takes center stage, spotlighting the innovators, originators, and legends of the sport who are driving surf culture toward a more sustainable future. Don't miss out on this inspiring tale of craftsmanship, passion, and boards made for the ocean.