Happy Earth Day from SeaTrees

No matter what you want to call this amazing planet that we get to live on (as it surfs through Space around our solar system at over 67,000 mph), there's really only one name that matters: #HOME

Happy Earth Day from our SeaTrees family to yours! Through the new projects we’ve started and the countless partnerships we’ve created, SeaTrees has taken monumental steps since this time last year. 

In the last year, we’ve continued to expand our community of like-minded individuals, partners, projects, and the like, all coming together to join our mission to turn the tide on climate change. So we would like to take today (and every day, really) to give Mother Earth a high-five and thank you all for helping us get to where we are today. 

Our vision with SeaTrees is to take reversing climate change to the next level by supporting 100 new blue-carbon projects in threatened coastal ecosystems over the next 10 years. These projects will span the globe and work to restore mangrove and kelp forests, coastal watersheds, and coral reefs while protecting ocean health and supporting communities for future generations to come.

Looking Forward

Our work is far from done. As the natural world demands that we start “doing more good,” projects like SeaTrees and environmental initiatives like Earth Day are perfect onramps for engaging people to live a more sustainable life and participate in groundbreaking solutions to reversing their climate impact.

Since Earth Day 2021, SeaTrees has:
  • Planted + protected +900K mangroves 
  • Restored + Protected 200K sq-ft of kelp
  • Planted + protected 6k coral fragments
  • Supported 38 local communities around the world
  • Protected 55 threatened species
  • Sequestered +355K metric tons of CO2

And it is thanks to YOU that we have achieved all this. 

Time for Humans to Restore

This month, we have partnered with Waiakea Water who has helped us restore and regenerate a coastal ridge-to-reef watershed in Maui, Hawaii. Through their generous pledge of restoring one square foot of watershed for every order placed throughout the month, we can take a massive step forward in reversing anthropogenic erosion. Head over to Waiakea today and help them exceed their goal of restoring 1 mile of coastal watershed this Earth Month!

Get Outside and Get Planting

Over the past four decades, GSI Outdoors has aimed to foster the practice of sustainability, reduction of their carbon footprint, sustainable water projects, and sharing the love for the outdoors in communities that may not normally have access. This shared belief has resulted in a renewed partnership with SeaTrees to plant 1 seatree for every $25+ purchase during April. Today, they are also launching their Tree Top-Up program with three product SKU's so customers can purchase an additional 1, 5, or 10 trees.

Take an #OceanPositive step this Earth Month

Making a difference this Earth Day comes in all shapes and sizes. At SeaTrees, we want to encourage all of you to take that first step in reducing your climate impact. Plant a seatree, support our partners, or get creative! We’ll let you be the judge, as long as the ocean stays the hero. To quote one of our favorite authors: 

"How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly OCEAN."
-Arthur C. Clarke / Author of 2001: A Space Odyssey