Happy Earth Month: Ahupua’a edition

Like a microcosm aiming to restore all the world’s watersheds, the ahupua’a is an ancient Hawaiian ecological and agricultural system that spans from mountains to oceans. Leading the way for Earth Month, let’s explore the how this traditional Ahupua’a system on the island of Oahu is setting the standard for sustainability. 

The Ahupua’a system relies on freshwater flowing from mountains to the ocean, promoting balance and resilience in ecosystems by managing resources comprehensively. This natural water flow not only helps agriculture through irrigation but also supports aquatic habitats and replenishes groundwater reserves.

Additionally, it reduces dependence on monoculture and improves food security. By encouraging community cooperation and land stewardship, residents within an Ahupua’a work together to sustainably manage resources, share knowledge and skills, and resolve conflicts.

We’re deeply inspired by the Hawaiian Ahupua’a system, seeing it as the gold standard for living in harmony with nature. As we celebrate Earth Day, let’s follow the lead of these indigenous land stewards from the Nation of Hawaii and join in the collective effort to nurture and protect our precious planet 💙🌎

A huge thank you to our brand partners Head High Wines who are helping us spread this inspiration by generously donating 15% of their April sales to SeaTree projects. Explore their website for #productsthatplant.

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