Happy International Women's Day! Check out our new film in partnership with OceanAlive 💙

“I breathe the water and in my lungs is a marine forest, if I don’t have water, I don’t think I’d exist” -  Raquel Gaspar, Co-Founder of Ocean Alive / Nat Geo Explorer and SeaTrees project partner.

In honor of International Women’s Day, we proudly present the newest SeaTrees film: ‘Hidden Meadows: A Seagrass Story.' Dive into the extraordinary tale of Raquel Gaspar and the team at Ocean Alive who are devoted to saving local dolphins by protecting seagrass in Portugal.

Coastal ecosystems, like seagrass meadows, produce half the oxygen we breathe on a daily basis, essentially acting as the lungs and lifeline of our Ocean Planet. Yet despite these benefits, seagrass meadows are being lost at a rate of around 7% per year. That’s the equivalent of two football fields every hour.

Join us on this journey inspired by women across the world, and help us preserve these critical ecosystems today. Watch our new film below, and learn more about this project here