Introducing Our Newest Project: Protecting Seagrass Meadows with Ocean Alive! ūüĆĪ

We're thrilled to announce our latest an innovative, women-led project in collaboration with Ocean Alive, Portugal's first non-profit cultural cooperative dedicated to ocean protection. This partnership marks a significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to safeguard marine ecosystems and empower coastal communities.

Led by women from the local community, this seagrass protection and community education project is aimed at preserving a naturally emerging seagrass meadow in Cambalhao Bay, located within Portugal's Sado Estuary.

Unlike traditional restoration endeavors, our mission here is to reverse the detrimental effects of anchoring and poor navigation that have degraded this vital ecosystem. 

The seagrass meadows in Portugal have been rapidly depleting due to human activities, resulting in the loss of essential marine life habitats, decreased fish populations, and impacting local communities. These meadows are often referred to as the "lungs of the sea," as they play a critical role in producing oxygen through photosynthesis, as well as offering shelter and nourishment to a myriad of marine species.

We're collaborating with the Keepers of the Sea, an inspiring group of women from the local fishing community who champion the protection of seagrass meadows. Through education and awareness, these Keepers work to eliminate key threats, such as littering, anchoring, and destructive fishing practices. By empowering women as leaders in ocean protection, we're fostering a sustainable future while supporting their transition into roles like marine education guides, awareness agents, and seagrass monitors.

Together with Ocean Alive, we're working to make a lasting impact that extends beyond conservation, nurturing a future where oceans and communities thrive hand in hand. Learn more about this project on our website and stay tuned for our film on this project - coming out soon!!