Kindhumans Live - Kelp Out the Planet with SeaTrees

In case you missed it you can check out the recording of the live event, where we took a deep dive with Kindhumans, host Kassia Meador, environmental artist Charlie Callahan and surfboard shaper Ashley Lloyd for a live virtual event to learn about kelp and carbon sequestration, and what you can do as an individual to help protect our planet. Enjoy!


Why did we dive deep on kelp? We just launched this kelp-restoring, organic cotton t-shirt with Kindhumans – featuring the ocean-inspired art of Charlie Callahan. Every t-shirt sold restores five square feet of Giant Kelp in the SeaTrees kelp forest project.

Our project partners at The Bay Foundation are helping to bring this world-class project in Los Angeles back to its former glory by managing and monitoring the number of purple urchins in the area – urchins are part of the ecosystem, but humans and climate change have created a zombie urchin ecosystem imbalance all along California's coastline – find out more during the event.