Make Every Day Earth Day With Our Planet Friendly Partners! 🌊🌎

On this Earth Day, we celebrate the beauty of our oceans and the vital role they play in our planet's ecosystem. With the theme 'Planet vs Plastics', we're reminded of the urgent need to combat plastic pollution and protect our oceans.

At SeaTrees, we're committed to restoring marine habitats and removing waste from our shores, one tree and one cleanup at a time. Our passion for the ocean here at Sustainable Surf goes far beyond conservation as we lead the way in promoting eco-friendly surf practices with our ECOBOARD project.

Together, we're not just riding waves; we're riding towards a cleaner, healthier ocean, free from the grasp of harmful materials.

That being said, we're proud to stand alongside our planet-friendly partners who are dedicated to preserving our oceans and combating plastic pollution. 

As we celebrate our Earth today, let's pledge to support products and initiatives that plant trees, clean up our shores, and reduce plastic usage. By shopping responsibly and supporting sustainable practices, we can all contribute to a cleaner, healthier ocean and a greener planet for generations to come.

Shopping products that plant? Keep reading for a list of partners who are helping us make every day feel like Earth Day. And remember to join us in protecting our oceans and embracing sustainable surf practices by planting SeaTrees in your favorite ecosystems



1. Head High Wines - shop here

This Earth Month, Head High will be donating 15% of all online sales during the month of April to support SeaTrees projects!






2. Nixon - shop here

A portion of each sale of the Nixon Time Telller OPP goes directly to SeaTrees, helping restore ocean environments has never been this stylish.




3. SeaVees - shop here

$5 from any SeaVees footwear purchase you make goes to SeaTrees and helping to restore blue carbon coastal ecosystems around the world.




4. EarthBar - shop here

$1 of every Blue Wave smoothie purchase will go directly towards restoring California wetlands at our SeaTrees Cardiff Watershed Restoration Project.