Nat Geo - California’s critical kelp forests. Can they be saved?

Todd Woody takes a look into the challenges California's Kelp is facing and the solutions available right now to help save this critical ecosystem. Head over to Nat Geo for the full story.

“The California coast without kelp is like the Amazon without trees,” says Tom Ford, executive director of the Bay Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to restoring Santa Monica Bay and its coastal waters.

Also on the boat is Kevin Whilden, executive director of Sustainable Surf. The nonprofit is working to get surfers, surfing fans, and the consumer brands they patronize to finance restoration of kelp forests through its SeaTrees program.

Individuals can donate to pay for restoration of kelp forests, mangroves, and seagrass meadows, or by purchasing products from SeaTrees’ partners. Buy a pair of shoes made by SeaVees, for instance, and the Santa Barbara company will underwrite replanting of a square foot of kelp, which adds up.