New Film Out Now: Discover Ocean+Positive Action with SeaTrees & HULA

Join SeaTrees co-founder Michael Stewart and long-time partners at HULA in our latest film as we explore what it means to be an Ocean+Positive Partner. Discover the three steps to becoming Ocean+Positive and the power of the SeaTrees Token – which blends certified carbon-credits generated by protecting coastal watershed areas and direct restoration of marine ecosystems.

At the heart of the Ocean+Positive Solution is the commitment to take immediate action to sequester more carbon emissions than we create, making a positive impact on the ocean and the life it supports. Our three-step process empowers brands and individuals alike to contribute to a net-zero and nature-positive future:

Step 1: MEASURE your climate impact. We analyze your carbon footprint calculations and understand any additional efforts you are taking to minimize your impact.

Step 2: COMPENSATE for your remaining emissions, or CONTRIBUTE beyond your emissions to support a net zero and nature-positive future with the SeaTrees Token.

Step 3: CONTINUE to reduce your overall carbon emissions and share your progress transparently, working with our team to craft a credible climate claim.


The SeaTrees Token - Blending Carbon Credits and Direct Restoration Actions

Let's take a closer look at Step 2 of becoming Ocean+Positive. Our groundbreaking SeaTrees Token achieves two critical goals:

  • Sequestering CO2: One metric ton of CO2 is captured through Verra-certified carbon credits from projects like the Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project in Cambodia and the Colombia Pacific REDD+ Project.
  • Planting Mangroves: Three mangrove trees are planted in Mida Creek, Kenya, where they enhance biodiversity, support sustainable livelihoods and have the potential to sequester an additional ~1 metric ton of CO2 over their lifetime.

By incorporating an element of restoration and reforestation into our tokens, we create a positive impact on the ocean and the life it supports.

Ocean+Positive: Not Just for Brands, but for Everyone

Individuals can easily embrace an Ocean+Positive lifestyle by choosing to "wipe out" ( a term we like to use when talking about compensating for your climate impact ) their carbon footprint through SeaTrees.  Check out all our options to wipe out your annual footprint, driving footprint, and flight footprint below, and get started here.

Taking an #Ocean+Positive action by supporting SeaTrees to "wipe out" your climate impact goes above and beyond the typical compensation, and leaves a positive legacy.

By wiping out your climate impact, you're:

  • Sequestering carbon dioxide by planting trees and protecting intact ecosystems.
  • Creating sustainable, long term employment for local communities.
  • Protecting endangered species and preserving biodiversity.

Nature Positive Initiative: Shaping the Future Together

Our Ocean+Positive solution also integrates a groundbreaking new way to solve climate challenges - known as the Nature Positive Initiative. By aligning yourself with Ocean+Positive, you're not only supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals but also committing to more nature by 2030 and a complete solution by 2050.

Join us on this remarkable journey towards a Nature Positive future, where the waves we ride leave behind a legacy of sustainability and environmental stewardship. Watch our film as we explore the depths of Ocean+Positive action, and take your first step in leaving behind a climate legacy today!