Racing Toward a Better Future 🌎

Racing Ahead With Purpose

Ever wonder what would drive a person to jump onto a small sailboat, lose all sight of land and race the waves all the way around the world – 11 times in a row? We had to find out for ourselves, so when Damian Foxall, a Champion offshore-racing sailor and the Sustainability Program Manager for the 11th Hour Racing Team, invited us to join the team for the only US stop of The Ocean Race in Rhode Island earlier this year – we jumped at the chance to hear his, and their story.  

We're thrilled to bring you Racing Ahead With Purpose – our latest film that takes you on a deep dive into what drives our partners at the 11th Hour Racing Team to undertake the world's longest race ( 45,000+ nautical miles ) in some of the world's most treacherous conditions, and why they believe it's about time that we all step up and act – to protect our Ocean Planet.

And in case you’ve been out in the middle of the ocean without WiFi lately – congratulations again to our pals at the 11th Hour Racing Team for making history by becoming the first-ever US-flagged sailing team to claim victory in the prestigious Ocean Race.



Introducing our newest SeaTrees project, right in our own backyard!
We have partnered with local San Diego nonprofit Nature Collective, to support the restoration of the San Elijo Lagoon in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA which aims to remove invasive species, reintroduce native plants, and restore the habitat for endangered species.

By improving the ecological integrity of the lagoon, Nature Collective has already witnessed the return of native eelgrass, octopus, sea hares and even seals! Covering 15,000 square feet, our project site is part of one of the largest wetland restoration projects in California - emphasizing the importance of thriving native plant species in maintaining healthy ecosystems. 

This project seeks to revitalize the San Elijo Lagoon's lands and waters by enhancing tidal circulation and conducting vital restoration work - preserving and enhancing critical habitats in the face of sea-level rise. Learn more about the project here!

Planning to take a (not so) #LongStrangeTrip this summer?

Well, buckle up and join Robert Downey Jr. in his revamped 1972 VW surf bus, which has undergone a remarkable transformation. Equipped with an all-electric motor, this iconic bus is now ready to provide a quicker, cleaner, and greener ride to the beach. To top it off, it also features a pair of custom Ecoboards created by Rob Machado and our friends at Firewire Surfboards.

In the brand new series Downey's Dream Cars, airing on HBOMax, you can follow along as Robert Downey Jr. upgrades his personal collection of classic cars. With a focus on incorporating new electric, hybrid, and bio-diesel motors, he is dedicated to promoting ocean-friendly transportation alternatives.  

And yep, that Ecobus / ECOBOARD package seen on Episode 6 could be yours — as they’ve decided to give away all the fixed-up cars for free! Learn more here. 

Thanks again to our pals at Firewire Surfboards for bringing our Ecoboard Project program along for the ride.