SeaTrees Featured in Salesforce+ Series ‘The Ecopreneurs’

We are so incredibly proud to tell our story on one of the largest businesses platform out there–Salesforce+. As part of Salesforce’s Ecopreneurs series, we get to show the world the work we’ve been doing for years and where we’re headed. 

Or as Salesforce’s own Dr. Whitney Johnston, director of Ocean Sustainability, puts it: “This first episode highlighting Michael Stewart’s entrepreneurial journey with SeaTrees is a chance to introduce viewers to the urgency of tackling climate change and the opportunity for businesses to be a driving force in this effort. Salesforce’s blue carbon program launched last year is dedicated to lifting up ecopreneur voices and inspiring others to get onboard.”

We had an awesome week filming with so many of our friends here in SoCal, showcasing just how incredible our community is who make this work happen. Many thanks to Tom Ford at The Bay Foundation, Ryan Harris our SeaTrees Ambassador and Founder of Earth Technologies, Kassia Meador our SeaTrees Ambassador, Pro-surfer, and Founder of Kassia+Surf, Jim Moriarty our Board Chairman, and Danni Washington our SeaTrees Ambassador, Science Communicator, and Founder of Big Blue & You for helping to tell our story so beautifully.

If you’re reading this, you already know that the ocean–and its ecosystems–play a central role in addressing climate change. It’s with your help that we’ll plant our next million SeaTrees and turn the tide on climate change.


Want to take a deeper dive?

You can learn more about our work and even take a behind the scenes look at the making of our Ecopreneurs episode right here on Fortune Magazine’s website.


SeaTrees began as a “Hack Job” at the Salesforce Ohana…

Way back when in 2018 our team had the pleasure of attending Salesforce’s Ocean Hack event–a two-day innovation lab for the ocean. It brought together a mix of designers, strategists, technologists, engineers, scientists, marine conservationists, educators, artists, and business talent to co-create prototypes with positive ocean impact potential. 

Enter: SeaTrees. We used the Ocean Hack event to refine and road-test our vision for what our fledgling SeaTrees program could become, in collaboration with our extended community on the Ohana floor of Salesforce’s east office in downtown San Francisco. The support and enthusiasm we felt in that room four years ago continues today, and we’re still stoked to have our pals at Salesforce still in our corner. 


Think a friend might enjoy joining us on this journey? Pass this enews note along to a friend or invite them to sign-up for our enews right here, and when they do, we’ll plant their 1st tree in the sea for Free!