The Healing Power of the Sea

From Mental Health to Ocean Health, We’re All Connected

Studies have shown living near a body of water does wonders for reducing stress and anxiety. Whether it’s sitting and staring out at sea after a long day or listening to the rhythmic crashing of waves, the ocean has the power to heal us just as it has the power to heal the planet.  

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we wanted to reiterate how important it is to protect this natural mood-boosting resource. The NYTimes published an article over the weekend expressing rising concerns for California forests, but this time it highlights our forests beneath the ocean’s surface. Kelp forests are disappearing by the day, even in the coldest waters of our state. 

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

These sequoias of the sea possess the power to sequester more carbon than any terrestrial ecosystem on earth. It is our responsibility to keep them alive, so they can keep our planet alive. Kelp forests are one of the most productive ecosystems on earth as they support biodiversity, protect the coast from storms, and provide habitats for thousands of plant and animal species.

As carbon emissions continue to rise, SeaTrees makes it easy for anyone to restore these extraordinary ecosystems and take responsibility for our climate impact. We continue to create connections between people and brands who are ready to meet that challenge and leave behind a positive climate legacy.

Healing the Planet by Healing Ourselves

This May, we have partnered with wellness brand Glo to help heal people’s eco-anxiety through nature-based solutions. The consequences of climate change are becoming more evident with each passing day, and it's important to remember that humans and nature are not mutually exclusive and never have been. 

As you read this, blue carbon ecosystems around the world are sucking enormous amounts of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, more than any forest on land. Their innate ability to sequester carbon in such magnitude helps repair our planet in real-time and keep the earth’s surface at a livable temperature.

By restoring these blue carbon ecosystems, we allow the ocean to do what it does best and help create a world where both people and nature thrive.

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