The kids are (gonna be) alright.

The team here at Sustainable Surf all have young groms (aka children). Juggling home-school, while making lunch, while Zooming with partners around the globe, is now officially part of the job description in the employee handbook.
And while the news of COVID 19 still clouds our collective futures – hanging with the kids 24/7 has been teaching us plenty about being truly present in the moment, as they remain eternally curious about the everyday natural world around them (think - flowers, soil, bugs, rain and rainbows). Their desire - to know how it all works together to keep regenerating life into the future - never stops inspiring. 
That’s why we’re so inspired by this recent scientific publication in Nature, showing how we (aka humans) have a very active role to play in regenerating ocean health by 2050. The research says that if we focus on restoring and protecting ‘blue-carbon’ coastal ecosystems - including mangroves, kelp, coral reefs, seagrasses, salt marshes - marine life will follow. Kind of like how you sit down at your desk to work and your kids follow you.
How can we collectively work together to restore those coastal ecosystems? Watch this new interview on The Wire with professional surfer & SeaTrees ambassador Pacha Light, to hear about her experience tagging along with us to visit our newest mangrove restoration project in Indonesia. 
Why is talking about groms, rainbows and planting mangrove SeaTrees for the future relevant in these uncertain times? Because sooner or later, this storm will pass. Enabling individuals to take powerful and direct actions to help save our seas TODAY, plants a seed of hope - for the future that we all want to see. So that we can Resurface Stronger – Together.
Rainbows to brighten your week
The latest issue of WIRED magazine - with it’s eye-popping rainbow-tastic cover. The entire April “Earth Month” issue is focused on the solutions for solving climate change that exist today with the most effective technology available – Nature (aka trees)!
We’ve been huge fans of Ozzie Wright’s rainbow-filled art (yeah it’s art) for years. Expect to see this Anti Virus Shield hanging in the office when we return.
Hear the story behind these images from lens-master Bo Bridges. Did we mention that Bo plants SeaTrees to balance his carbon footprint?
Chasing Coral
We’re huge fans of this film. If you haven’t seen Chasing Coral, it’s the perfect educational dive into the remarkable beauty and fragility of our oceans - education for the whole family.
SeaVees supports SeaTrees +++
For every pair of shoes our partners at SeaVees sell during Earth Month, they’re donating $5 towards one of three non-profits SeaTrees, Agalita or Santa Barbara Channel Keepers. Choose your style and color (every color of the rainbow) and choose your fav non profit. Our choice - the SeaChange in Kelp Green - also restores a square foot of kelp in California. 
What do you need shoes for when you're stayin’ home? Skate ramps from scraps.
Make a list
Make no mistake - we think drinking bullet coffee at the Sunrise Shack is basically like drinking liquid rainbows. Co-owner and North Shore shredder, Koa Smith has this upbeat message to get us through - make a list and check it off.

Multi-colored, sustainably crafted bikinis
And while getting back in your favorite body of water may be a while away, getting your hands on a bikini from Sensi Graves during Earth Month plants a mangrove SeaTree in Indonesia. Think colorful recycled materials in styles made for ocean-minded activities.

Help spread the message

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