The ocean is made of space ice - comets like Neowise gifted us the ocean

The brightest comet to be seen in 20 years is blazing past Earth for the next few weeks and it won’t be back for almost 7000 years. Helloha, Comet Neowise. 

 Did you know comets gifted the Earth it's ocean?

 Billions of years ago, comets like Neowise, which are essentially giant space ice cubes, hurtled right into young Earth as it was forming.  The massive collisions gifted our big blue planet the blue by which it is now recognized - our oceans.

The next time you’re looking at a salty wave, think about its cosmic origin. The ocean was created by comets colliding into Earth 4.6 billion years ago! No matter where you are on this big blue planet, you’ll never again look at the sky without thinking of the sea.  

Check out the SeaTrees Science News for more about Comet Neowise, the origin story of our oceans, and how natural processes are the best tools we have to turn the tide on climate change.

 Give someone you love the Gift of the Ocean.

FYI - This week is optimal viewing. Just look up after sunset and grab your binoculars to get a closer look at the comet’s bright tail. Think of the ocean and say a thank you to comets for all the ocean does for us - our protective atmosphere, the rich life below, and the playground that brings us so much joy. All things that let us practically forget that we, too, are a big rock hurtling through space.

Need an ‘optimal viewing’ platform?

Check out Parkit. Their Voyager chair is perfectly built for sitting out under the night sky - dreaming about your cosmic wave-sliding adventures. Did we mention that Parkit also plants SeaTrees?

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Give the ocean a gift - every day
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