The Wave: Climate Surfer, Belinda Baggs

In this The Wave interview with Sam Bleakley, climate activist and all round epic human, Belinda Baggs talks surf travel, climate change, and how we can all take action to protect and restore our ocean-planet.

"I am hugely guilty of racking up thousands of miles during my surfing life. Surf travel is a part of surfing that evokes adventure, so giving it up can be difficult. Nowadays I’m more aware of the impacts travel has on global warming. When I’m at home I’m more mindful to surf local. We have all been in a situation where we check the spot we think will be best, drive around for another two hours looking at a handful of other spots, only to return to the first place we started. If there’s a wave in front of me, I surf it. I try and ride my bike to the beach when possible, or if going an extra few miles, go with mates and car-pool. It’s inevitable that eventually I have to get on a plane, so I always make sure to offset with Sea Trees who plant mangroves to sequester the carbon we have emitted and restore ecosystems" - Belinda Baggs, Co-Founder and Director, Surfers For Climate