United Nations 2019 Emissions Gap Report

Every year, the United Nations releases its most important and depressing report.  The 2019 Emissions Gap Report tells us how badly we're failing at solving climate change.  CO2 emission reductions are not being reduced fast enough. 

Tackling your own climate footprint is the most important thing you can do to make a difference. We cannot expect our governments to do something we're unwilling to do ourselves.  Politicians follow the votes, and most voters show by their inaction that climate change isn't their highest priority.

The 2019 Emissions Gap report is worth reading as a sobering reminder of the urgency of the crisis. Every year we delay only increases the urgency in which we need to act in the future.  

The following interactive demonstration is the best explanation we've ever seen on the Emissions Gap:

2019 Emissions Gap Report - Visual Explanation