Welcome to Earth Month with SeaTrees!

Our Ocean Planet relies on us to thrive, just as we rely on it for our own well-being. Take a moment to scroll through and get inspired to take action this year for a better, and bluer future. Together, let's make every day feel like Earth Day.

How can you kick off the month as an Ocean+Positive hero? Consider planting and restoring your very own tree in the sea. Select from our options here, and pant seeds of hope and change around the world. Each tree you plant makes a difference in our goal to reverse climate change. 

And make sure to share your impact! Check out our Earth Month Toolkit for images, captions, hashtags, and all the info you need to know for communicating your positive impact this month - and on Earth Day, coming April 22nd! - Earth Month Toolkit -

As April unfolds, we are thrilled to embark on a journey celebrating our Ocean Planet and its precious ecosystems. At SeaTrees, every day is Earth Day, but this April, we're taking it to new heights with a lineup of exciting events and initiatives designed to inspire, educate, and make a tangible difference for our oceans and marine forests.

Throughout the month, we'll be unveiling new content and stories that dive into the heart of environmental stewardship and the wonders of our underwater world. Along with some exciting new brand partner activations, we'll be dropping some exclusive SeaTrees merch that not only reflects your commitment to the planet but also contributes to our tree-planting efforts. Every item purchased not only spreads awareness but also helps us plant trees at our project sites!

And of course, what's Earth Month without some fun facts? Join us as we uncover fascinating insights about our planet, its inhabitants, and the incredible impact of our collective efforts.

So, buckle up and get ready for an unforgettable journey with SeaTrees this Earth Month. Together, let's make waves and plant trees as we pave the way for a brighter, and bluer, future.