Championing Sustainable Surfing

Miguel Blanco and the Ecoboard Revolution

Another SeaTrees ambassador is making headlines! In the world of surfing, few names are making a splash in the climate activism world as powerfully as Miguel Blanco. Hailing from Portugal, Miguel is not only a surfer at heart but a force of change in the ocean preservation community. His recent endeavors shine a line on conservation and sustainable practices, making him an ambassador for both the sport and the planet. 

Miguel has just released Part 1 of his latest film, Tropical Popsicle which dives into his adventures around the globe, and recently sat down with SURFER Mag to share more about the film, why he's drawn to surfing big waves, and why it's important for surfers to take part in ocean conservatism.

In this interview he highlights the importance of preserving the health of the ocean, being the sole playground for his favorite activity, and how he has been achieving these goals through supporting programs like SeaTrees and the Ecoboard Project which encourages the use of eco-friendly surfboards that reduce environmental impact without compromising performance. Miguel’s advocacy for these boards stems from his belief that even the smallest changes to your everyday habits, like opting for a more sustainable surfboard, can collectively create a significant positive impact on our planet.

Throughout his film Tropical Popsicle, Miguel’s carving it up on boards made from recycled blanks and glassed with bioresin - proving that performance isn’t a factor, but it's what's on the inside that counts. 

Once again, Miguel isn’t just riding waves, but he’d riding the waves of positive chance. His advocacy for ecoboards, his involvement in SeaTrees, and his passion for sustainable practices are inspiring surfers worldwide to reconsider their choices and align them with a more ocean-conscious approach - reminding us that everyone, from pro-surfers to the novice wave rider, can play a vital role in preserving the health and future of our Ocean Planet. 

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