Historic win at Billabong Pro Pipeline


If it was up to us we'd have given Moana Jones Wong a perfect 10 fingers in the air for her performance where she made surfing history by winning the first ever women’s Billabong Pro Pipeline contest!

Moana is also going down in our record books for helping us to restore 582 sq-ft of watershed area in the HO’OWAIWAI Watershed Project with our partners Regenerative Education Centers thanks to our partnership with Billabong.

With all the points from the heat winners combined from the Mens & Womens CT events at the Billabong Pro (818 points)—Billabong has committed to helping us restore 8,180 sq-ft of watershed area with native plants and regenerative agriculture practices.

To help celebrate this historic event and the start of the 2022 World Tour — Sustainable Surf and Boardriders want to give a perfect 10 score to both CT events, adding an additional 2,000 sq-ft of watershed restoration). That brings us to a final SeaTrees score for the Billabong Pro of 10,180 sq-ft of coastal watershed to be restored in Hawaii!

If you want to see the very first SeaTrees that were planted in the HO’OWAIWAI Watershed Project by Billabong team riders Laura Enever & Alessa Holloway—just slide on over to our HO'OWAIWAI project page where you can also help plant your own SeaTrees in the HO’OWAIWAI project with the Regenerative Education Centers crew.



Michael and his family hung around Maui this week and helped the REC team plant some of the very first SeaTrees generated by the heat winners of the Billabong Pro Pipeline contest! These breadfruit trees planted alongside the stream in Maliko Gulch within the HO’OWAIWAI Watershed Project will help retain soil and prevent further sedimentation on the reef at the mouth of the stream.



The SeaTrees Team is bundling up and heading to the snow