Its Time to #ActNow

Last week, SeaTrees co-founder Michael Stewart and many of our pals in the ocean conservation space made their way across the seven seas to gather by the shoreline of Lisbon, Portugal, for the long-awaited United Nations Ocean Conference.

The UNOC invited #oceanpositive minds from around the world to discuss how the health of our global ocean, and everyone and everything living on this planet, is in more danger than ever before in human history.

With our #oceanplanet at the forefront of this conversation, we must acknowledge the problem we've all had a hand in creating over the last 100 years. The system of constant extraction of resources is now pushing our ocean ecosystems to the breaking point.

This breaking point was reached because of a broken system - one that has allowed for the loss of 50% of the world's kelp forests, coral reefs, and mangrove forests in the last 50 years. But here's the good news - if we broke it, we can join hands together and be a force for good that puts it all back together.

While in Portugal for the UNOC, SeaTrees and Protect.Blue hosted WaterBreak sessions where we helped ocean advocates reconnect with our #oceanplanet. We invited conference attendees working in the space to come together and have deeper, more meaningful conversations that may not have necessarily been happening inside the conference rooms.

Our 55+ WaterBreak attendees were able to experience the one big blue reason why we all came to Portugal in the first place, and we’re stoked to see how many new connections were made between folks who would not have met otherwise. Stay tuned for a video of these sessions coming out next week!

We left the UNOC with much more hope and genuine stoke for all the steps being made to restore the health of our #oceanplanet.

But will all this ultimately be enough to turn the tide and reverse climate change — before most of what we know and love about our ocean planet is forever changed for the worst?

In truth, it probably won't be, unless you and others decide to #ActNow and get involved as part of the solution to save our seas.

So what are YOU waiting for? Visit our SeaTrees website to "wipeout" your annual climate impact with our blue carbon projects, and check out tons of other easy options for slashing your own carbon emissions by restoring ocean ecosystems.

We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting ocean-friendly ways to spread our SeaTrees program message across the Pacific Ocean.

Earlier this week we planted a seedling on the Eskorin Sailing Yacht as they kicked off the 2022 Pacific Cup Race - sailing from San Francisco to Hawaii.

Captained by Erwan and Fred, this salty crew is on a mission to restore coastal blue carbon ecosystems by raising funds for our SeaTrees projects in California and Hawaii.

Want to follow along on their journey? Track their progress and check out their Facebook fundraiser to help them plant more SeaTrees along the way! 

We also wanted to send out a friendly SeaTrees reminder that Amazon Prime Day is coming up on July 12-13! If you didn’t already know, you can set Sustainable Surf / SeaTrees as your favorite charity/nonprofit, and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase to planting and protecting blue carbon ecosystems!

Browse, order, and enjoy giving back to our #oceanplanet.