Looking Ahead to a New Year 🌱

Looking Ahead to an Exciting Year!

Happy New Year ocean lovers! As we dive into a new year, we can't help but reflect on the incredible journey we've been on together and the positive impact we've made on our ocean and the planet.

As we set sail into 2024, we're gearing up for some big things. We're busy charting our course for the year and setting new goals to continue our work of planting and protecting blue carbon ecosystems (like reaching 5 million SeaTrees planted) and also continuing to grow our Ecoboard Project! While we might be a bit quiet this month, fear not – it's only because we're hard at work behind the scenes, preparing some fantastic new content for you all and cooking up a whole bunch of amazing things.
We're stoked to share that we have several new planting and restoration projects on the horizon, spreading our impact across to globe to the Caribbean, South America, and the East Coast of the United States - and we're just getting started! These new projects mark significant steps forward in our commitment to regenerating ocean ecosystems and supporting sustainable communities. We can't wait to introduce you to the incredible people behind these projects and witness all the positive changes they will bring.

Stay tuned!

We're incredibly grateful for your ongoing support, and we can't wait to share more details about our upcoming projects, events, and milestones. Together, we are making a real difference for our ocean and the future of our planet. Make sure to follow us on social media to stay in the loop!