Scout: Kelp Reforestation is the Path Forward

In this piece by one of our newest SeaTree-planting partners Scout, SeaTrees/Sustainable Surf co-founder, Kevin Whilden waxes on blue-carbon, kelp, and the super powers the ocean has to help us solve climate change.

“Blue carbon is one of the most important and underutilized ways to fight climate change,” says Whilden. “It's the fastest way to get carbon from the atmosphere into the ocean where it needs to go. It's five to ten times faster at sequestering carbon than any other ecosystem out there.” 

The wave surfing entrepreneurial geologist’s claims aren’t just anecdotal: over 90 percent of carbon is stored in the ocean, and both underwater and coastal ecosystems have been shown to sequester more carbon per unit area than any terrestrial forests—a significant realization when understanding that 71 percent of the earth’s surface is water-covered.