The Inertia: The Environmental Crisis Is a Social Crisis

For World Oceans Day we sat down with the Inertia to share our thoughts on how the interconnectedness of the environmental, economic and social crisis - and how we're trying to address all three issues with SeaTrees.

“If the environmental and social chaos of these last years and weeks have shown us anything, it’s that our global operating system is full of bugs,” explains Michael Stewart, co-founder of Sustainable Surf. “The environmental, economic, and social crisis is all interconnected. We feel it’s time for the ocean-health movement to start connecting all these dots together, and so we’re focusing on enabling actions within the ocean community to solve this one problem collectively.”

We also used the article to launch the full version of our latest SeaTrees Resurface video featuring Pacha Light. Hear why she thinks it’s time to come together to “take good care of our people and our ocean-planet”.

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