When the Ocean Wins, We All Win

We have some exciting #oceanpositive news to share with you! 

Firstly, we want to give a huge shoutout to our amazing pals and partners at 11th Hour Racing Team, who just made history by becoming the first-ever US-flagged sailing team to WIN the prestigious The Ocean Race, which just wrapped up this week in Genova, Italy.

But they did more than just cruise around the world on the fastest foiling sailboat anyone has ever seen; they were flying the flag of sustainability along the entire 6-month voyage to highlight the urgent need to restore ocean health.

The 11th Hour Racing Team looked at how they could avoid or mitigate every possible negative impact that might be created from operations – including compensating for their carbon footprint with help from our SeaTrees program - which even included the climate impact of building their race boats and associated travel emissions.

Secondly, we are thrilled to announce that our SeaTrees film just screened during The Ocean Race Summit Genova! The ‘Summit’ series is a staple at each location stop of the 2023 Ocean Race – where the sessions help to drive new and improved policies around the major issues affecting the ocean, including lack of governance, lack of protection, and climate change. This was an incredible opportunity for us to take our message of coastal ecosystem restoration – center stage – at the Grand Finale event of The Ocean Race, and we were honored to have been able to play a role in this collective effort to get a #firstplace win for our Ocean Planet. 

Check out the film below!