Help California's Kelp Patch
Help California's Kelp Patch
Help California's Kelp Patch

Help California's Kelp Patch

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Patch-the-planet (or your fav vintage piece) with this limited-edition, kelp-restoring patch - featuring the inspired brushstrokes of waterman/artist Britt Tobia - Help California’s Kelp’

  • 3X3 inches 
  • Did we mention that they're iron-on?

Shipping limited to the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

$5 from every patch sold will support the community-led kelp restoration in Monterey Bay - in partnership with Reef Check California.

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Every hat restores 10 sq ft of Giant Kelp

California's Kelp forests have been disappearing - rapidly. Every Help California's Kelp hat sold fund the restoration of 10 sq ft of giant kelp of the coast of Palos Verdes with our project partner - The Bay Foundation.

Take a Deeper Dive

Re-Patched - Creating the Help California's Kelp Hats

Diverted from landfill

Hats destined for the landfill were donated by a major Californian surf brand. Old patches removed and new patches made.

Art from Britt Tobia

Working with surf-art curator Charles Adler, we partnered with San Clemente, CA artist Britt Tobia to create the hat's art.

Patched - Slightly Choppy

Help California's Kelp patch and internal branding stitched by the crew from Slightly Choppy in Newport Beach, CA

A Visit to the SeaTrees Kelp Forest: Palos Verdes, California