🎄Ho, Ho, Whoa?! 30M Christmas trees 🌲 are sold every year 🌳🌴🌱

Did you know 30 Million “Christmas trees” are sold in the USA alone every year?

We may have spiked the eggnog with some single-malt or maybe it was seeing this from our friends at The Common Good Co, but we started to wonder – what if we could plant a living mangrove tree outside, in honor of all the Christmas trees that ended up indoors?

So - if we put 30 Million Christmas SeaTrees back in the ocean, we’d gift the world with:

We’re making it easy for you to give the gift of planting trees in the sea to yourself, your loved ones, or Mother Ocean.

 Plant a Christmas tree that has a truly positive impact this holiday season

Looking for another gift that plants trees in the sea?

Another Tee plants 24 mangrove SeaTrees, which is enough to “neutralize” the carbon footprint of someone living in the UK. Oh and you can play snake on their website - the only way to procrastinate this holiday season. And every shirt is only made to order (aka - no wasted materials

And while we’re talking about the British Isles, we’re celebrating the 24 (12 just seems too short)  days of Christmas with a dram of our favorite single-malt Scottish whiskey. Each bottle of this special release from Old Pulteney helps us to restore California’s kelp forests.