On World Oceans Day 2024, we proudly announced our major milestone of planting 4 Million SeaTrees across all our projects sites and types. Having hit 1 Million trees planted on Earth Day 2021, and 2 Million trees plated on World Mangrove Day 2022, and 3 Million trees planted on World Mangrove day 2023, we hope to continue this positive trajectory in the years to come. We would like to thank all of our donors and partners who helped make this happen. Our next goal is to support 100 SeaTrees projects by the end of this decade (2030).

4 Million+ SeaTrees breaks down as follows:

- 3,122,885 Mangrove Trees Planted

- 546,729 sq-ft of Kelp Restored.

- 28,000 Coral Fragments Planted + Restored.

- 107,640 sq-ft of Seagrass Protected + Restored

- 95,700 tons of CO2 Sequestered.

- 254,167 sq-ft of Watershed Restored.

- 174,000 sq-ft of Oyster Reef restored.