A Blue State of Mind

Monday was #WorldMentalHealthDay, and we have coral reefs on our minds.

Did you know that science shows being near, in, or under water (especially in ecosystems where SeaTrees grow) can make you happier, healthier, more connected, and better at what you do - as detailed in the NYTimes best-selling book Blue Mind, written by our advisory board member Dr. Wallace J. Nichols

One thing we, as environmental stewards, often forget is that in order to protect the health of our ocean planet, we must also protect that of our own minds. All of us - and all of you - will be the change needed to reverse climate change. But change like this is difficult when mental health is not made a priority.

Not only can we feel the impacts of the planetary crisis in our bodies and in our surroundings, but we also feel it in our minds. Climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, waste, species extinction, and sea-level rise - are all difficult things to understand and directly impact people’s mental well-being all around the world.

A healthy environment = a healthy mind (and visa versa). The beautiful thing about this is that bringing awareness to mental health is also bringing attention to the one medicine that has proven to help time and time again. And it’s right outside your door.

Countless studies have shown that exposure to nature can prevent stress, anxiety and depression and have an overall positive impact on our well-being. So by helping the planet, we are helping ourselves.

And taking action to recover and regenerate damaged ecosystems around the world is one way to give back to both yourself and to your planet - and it’s just what the doctor ordered. Check out these photos we received from our planting partners at Ocean Gardener, who have been monitoring and documenting the progress of our coral reef restoration in Bali. Feeling inspired? Go here to plant your own SeaTree today.

I Spy Ecoboards!

Speaking of people and the planet, last weekend we headed over to the 2022 International Boardroom Surfboard Show to visit some of our longtime ECOBOARD partners, and welcome new ones.

The idea that a more ocean, people, and climate-friendly surfboard could be made was one of the first conversations that led us to start Sustainable Surf over a decade ago.

We were stoked to catch up with several of our partners, like Channel Islands, Timmy Patterson, Firewire, and our new partners Wyve and Mike Wallace at Surf Iconoclast - who is crafting and combining boards from more sustainable materials (including plant-based epoxy resins & flax/basalt fiber composites). As well as witness some of the most innovative #oceanpositive new designs we can’t wait to share with all of you.

With the international surfboard-building community coming together in this space, it is important to continue the conversation on how choosing a more sustainable board can be an on-ramp into a dramatically more sustainable, ocean-friendly life.

Why Ocean Matters

Last week two of our SeaTrees team members hopped on the Ocean Matters podcast with Boardsox founder Dan O'Connell to talk about what our ocean planet means to Sustainable Surf, SeaTrees and the ECOBOARD Project.

If you’ve got a few minutes to spare or want some ocean-friendly listening on your way to work, check out the podcast here.

What's Up Your Sleeve?

Our partners over at 12Tides are kicking off a campaign that will help people #HelptheKelp and make it last forever.

Stay tuned to find out more and see how our SeaTrees team is getting in on the action.