Cutting edge solutions to saving California’s Kelp from zombie urchins – featured on CNN

The story on kelp restoration just keeps on growing. After running a feature on SeaTrees for Oceans Month, CNN just released a special report and video as part of their Call to Earth documentary series. Our work with The Bay Foundation is featured as one of the cutting edge solutions being pioneered to restore California’s majestic underwater kelp forests.

Head to CNN’s Call to Earth micro-site to hear SeaTrees co-founder Michael Stewart help tell the story of kelp forest collapse and the innovative solutions being used to restore this critical blue carbon ecosystem. 

“The drama unfolding along this coast is what experts are calling a “climate-driven catastrophe” 

The loss is so alarming, it’s mobilized a coalition of researchers, non-profits, urchin divers and others in a desperate race to protect the last remaining kelp forests and rebalance the ecosystem before it’s too late.”

 We’re proud to see our solution–to make it incredibly easy for anyone to restore Giant Kelp, featured alongside the collective work of non-profits, startups, and scientists like Urchinomics and Friday Harbor Laboratories and The Nature Conservancy. As our partner Tom Ford, Executive Director of The Bay Foundation says in the piece:

"This is everyone's job; this is going to be a big lift."


SeaVees + SeaTrees by The Inertia

 Our work to plant and protect SeaTrees all around this big blue planet wouldn’t be possible without the help of our brand partners. For every pair of SeaChange sneakers SeaVees makes, we restore a square foot of kelp in Palos Verdes with The Bay Foundation. 

To celebrate that partnership, the crew at The Inertia joined us on the cliffs above the Palos Verdes kelp forests. Standing on those cliffs in his SeaVees, SeaTrees co-founder Kevin Whilden kicked off the conversation with a compelling question:

“Could you imagine if 90 percent of the trees on land disappeared in 10 years?”

What’s our favorite way to explore California’s kelp?

We’re surfers, so on an Ecoboard of course! The two SeaTrees kelp projects in California are both a short paddle from the shore and within striking range of some of our favorite waves. Read this Ecoboard piece from Stab before choosing your next board. Ecoboards worked for 3x World Champion Mick Fanning in Stab in the Dark–what are you riding on your next salty adventure?