Field Mag: Alimo's minimalist, color-blocked creations plant SeaTrees

Tag along with Sean from Alimo in this behind-the scenes Field Mag article. Alimo's minimalist, color-blocked creations have been planting + protecting 1000s of mangrove SeaTrees in Indonesia - and we're huge fans of Sean's work.

As an ocean-loving artist, preserving and taking care of the seas that are both his playground and home is paramount. As such, Alimo’s recent work and partnerships have been deeply rooted in sustainability, whether in supporting environmental causes or directly reevaluating how his own artist production can be made more sustainable. 

"I want to feel good about what I'm selling because we're in this outdoor world. And like, how can I be a snowboarder loving the snow and surfer in the ocean and be okay seeing trash in the mountains and in the water? So, I partnered up with a company called SeaTrees, a nonprofit that helps creators and businesses fund projects and initiatives in sustainable ways, and offset emissions. So every sweatshirt or T-shirt that I produce, we plant a mangrove tree out in Biak Island, which is in Indonesia. That's been a huge thing for me. I'll likely continue doing more small batch drops, so it's all limited edition.

Other different fundraising initiatives have been impactful, too. I did a big one to support wildfire relief in Australia last year, and then George Floyd raised a ton of money within a couple of days, which was really powerful."