Take Our Surfboard Lifecycle Survey!

We have officially released our "From Wave to Grave: Surfboard Lifecycle Survey" from The ECOBOARD Project - created to help us learn more about individuals’ surfboard usage, so that we can better understand the lifecycle-impact that surfboards have on the health of our Ocean. 

Every surfer has their own unique way of using their boards, with different repair and replacement frequencies. But did you know that each of these actions has a significant impact on the carbon footprint of your surfboard after it is purchased?

That's why we need your help! We're conducting a survey to gather information about how often surfers repair and replace their boards. We want to complete our understanding of the carbon footprint of a surfboard over its typical lifetime of use – and we need your input.

Whether you have one board that you ride occasionally or a whole quiver of daily drivers, we want to hear from you! Plus, if you fill out our survey, you'll be entered to win a free Firewire Surfboard! And if you really want to up your chances, we've got some bonus questions for you too. So grab a snack, take a surf break, and let's get to it.

It only takes 3 minutes!

Ecoboard winner will be drawn on International Surfing Day on June 17th!

**shipping limited to the Continental US**

Learn More about The ECOBOARD project below: