Healthy Oceans – Just What The Doctor Ordered

Like marine biologist, Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, we’ve been questioning ourselves – why focus on “ocean conservation when there are so many other important things happening in the world?” The answer may surprise you. For the Doctor’s prescription watch her short video.

The people most affected by the impacts of an unhealthy ocean are those in poor communities and communities of color living on the coast. Climate change, sea-level rise and ocean pollution are already negatively impacting the daily lives of those people, which is why we think empowering communities in places like West Papua to protect their coastlines and villages by planting mangrove SeaTrees is so important.

Every time you plant 30 mangrove trees on the SeaTrees platform it:

  • Creates 1 day of living-wage employment for local people, helping to support 50+ families
  • Provides resources for local education
  • Protects local villages from storm surges and sea-level rise
  • Serves as critical nursery grounds for fish and shellfish - mangrove forest restoration significantly increases local marine productivity
  • AND has the potential to sequester more than 9 metric tons of carbon dioxide

Looking for something a little more physical?

Help Dad to help Mother-Ocean for Father's Day


On World Oceans Day we launched the Ocean Positive Web-App - your new pocket guide for keeping a finger on the pulse of all sorts of ocean-positive activism. The app focuses on content relevant to the very economic, environmental, and social issues at hand: community-organized events and demonstrations, plant-based eating, banking, volunteering, choosing gear that’s better for our oceans, and much more.

Ocean-Positive Reads 

Looking to dive deeper on the links between the social crisis and the environmental crisis? This NY Times article is a great read. And if you’re looking for something a little more surf-relevant, check out this little resource from our friends at City Surf Project.


Mother-Ocean doesn't want your face mask.


Need something a little stronger to fill up Dad's camp mug?

Talk to SeaTree-planting, big-wave chargin’ sommelier Bianca Valenti for a tip or two. Some of our favs: a dram of Old Pulteney Whisky, or a splash of Pinot Noir from Head High Wines.