Bank Of The West: How Science, Entrepreneurship, and Surfing Are Saving The Ocean

Can the inherent appeal of surfing and the ocean help tackle the existential threat to life on this earth? And yes - we mean climate change.

Learn about how that very question lead to the founding of Sustainable Surf and SeaTrees in this article by Bank Of The West, in their new sustainability magazine, Means & Matters.

Here's a little teaser: 

"So in 2011, they started Sustainable Surf based on the theory that the universal "cool factor" of surf culture could become synonymous with environmental advocacy, the impact would be widespread. The goal was to give people easy, accessible ways to change their lifestyles so they could become climate positive or, in this case, ocean positive. The idea was to start small - first through awareness, then through direct action - and build a movement that would advance the cause of ocean sustainability."