Re-surface: Stronger. Re-vitalized. Together.

Let's all take a deep breath in___

As we emerge from our first weekend of California's stay-at-home order and others in our global community experience multiple weeks of self-quarantine – we wanted to express our condolences to everyone who's family and friends have been affected by the pandemic, while sharing our plans to help you get inspired to keep on living an Ocean-Positive life.

We know it's a challenge to stay centered, connected and hopeful. We also know that collectively, we have the ability to not just get through this, but re-surface stronger, vitalized and better prepared for the next set. 

Here's the plan.
It's probably not perfect.
It'll probably evolve.
We're definitely going to need your help to make it happen.
We're going to use our voice to actively share stories to help you live and work an Ocean Positive life - from home. What does that look like?

 Education: think ocean-focused home-schooling.
 Mind: stay centered and positive.
 Movement: We'll be sharing tips and tricks from the world's best.
 Food: Now, more than ever, we need to boost our immune systems with real, healthy and whole foods.
 Climate:  Let's get inspired to beat climate change and take action - from home.

Want to help us on this journey?
Share your stories, tips & tricks with us.
Share this ocean-positive image.

Let's re-surface stronger - together - #oceanpositive

Michael + Kevin + Brett