Small Cameras + Big Ideas = Huge Benefits for the Ocean

 Turning the tide on climate change by reforesting the ocean

To say that we're #kind of stoked to partner with GoProKindhumans to tell the story of SeaTrees (with the help of their cameras) – is like saying that the ocean is wet… #UnderstatementOfTheYear

And we can't overstate that our work wouldn’t be possible without our many local nonprofit organization partners (including Reef Check California, G2KR, The Bay Foundation, Eden Reforestation Projects, Ocean Gardener, and COBEC)—our professional surfing ambassadors (including Ashley Lloyd, Tyler Fox, and Pacha Light to name a few of the characters in this new film)—and scientists around the world who are hard at work helping to design the best strategies for regenerating the health of these blue-carbon coastal ecosystems.

That includes the crews from Reef Check California and Giant Giant Kelp Restoration (looking at you Keith Rootsaert), who you’ll meet in this film as part of the special focus on the Tankers Reef restoration project in Monterey Bay, CA.

If you work for a business or brand–click here to see how we can help your organization to become Ocean+Positive. You can calculate and wipe out the climate impact of doing business by protecting and restoring blue-carbon related ecosystems with certified carbon credits.

And if you like to get cool apparel that will also cool down the heat on our warming ocean planet, then visit the Kindhumans website to purchase an exclusive SeaTrees X Kindhumans Sea Urchin T-shirt. Featuring original artwork from painter Charlie Callahan, these tees support Kelp Forest Restoration on the California coast. 

Check out the full length film on YouTube!


Give the gift of SeaTrees 

 The holiday season is upon us, and it can be easy to get wrapped up in plastic and paper and bows. If we’re going to help heal the Ocean and reverse climate change within the short window we’ve got, might we suggest giving the gift of SeaTrees. We’ve made it easier than ever to plant mangrove trees, restore kelp forests, or even wipe out an entire annual carbon footprint on behalf of those you care about most. You can even send a personalized note with your gift, and when you do, your recipient will get their very own digital card telling them about all of the incredible powers of SeaTrees.


Celebrating individuals making a positive impact on surf + outdoors

We'll be flying our SeaTrees flag as speakers this Friday at The Inertia’s 4th annual EVOLVE event—being held in-person at the SmogShoppe, a 100% solar-powered outdoor event venue in LA's art-design district.

Plenty of inspiring folks (including Kat Reynolds from Un Mar de Colores, author Jaimal Yogis , big wave surfer Izzi Gomez, and surfboard builder Ryan Harris) plus food, fun and films on tap at this year's event. We’ll even be showing the new flick by Backroads Pictures about the SeaTrees kelp forest restoration work we are supporting in Los Angeles—in partnership with the salty crew at The Bay Foundation.

If you want to sneak a peek before the event to see just how amazing LA's restored kelp forests are, just head to the WaterBear Network and search for the SeaTrees page on their doc-film platform.

The Pink Board Project quiver will also be making a fabulous appearance at the EVOLVE event — and you'll have the chance to take one of those certified ECOBOARDs home with you, and support breast cancer research at the same time.

Snag some tickets while you still can (limited supply of about 150 total) by surfing over to The Intertia’s Evolve event page


Think a friend might enjoy joining us on this journey? Pass this enews note along to a friend or invite them to sign-up for our enews right here, and when they do, we’ll plant their 1st tree in the sea for Free!