WeTransfer: Let's Dig - We are going to save the world by planting trees


We've partnered with WeTransfer to plant + protect SeaTrees. Here's their way of announcing that partnership - and why we work closely with local planting partners to regenerate coastal ecosystems :)


"We know because we've all done it!

It's a sunny day, the apartment needs cheering up, we need cheering up. So we buy a beautiful orchid from the local supermarket or florist. The cashier tells us 'these are such easy plants to look after' you nod and listen, you even read the little plastic inlay card:

Spray with water

Keep out of direct sunlight


You do all of the above, yet it still dies in 4 weeks. How? Because you were more concerned with symmetry than location and put it next to the radiator, you twit!

Ok hilarious. So get to the point?!" - Read the full article here and learn more about how WeTransfer is taking action to reverse climate change.