Join us for Call to Earth Day 2023

This Year's Theme: Our Shared Home

Calling all ocean lovers for Call to Earth Day! Call to Earth is CNN’s commitment to reporting on the environmental challenges facing our planet, together with the solutions.
This year, we're hosting a virtual "Dive-In Movie" showcasing our newest film, "The Lost Forest Down Under"  where we'll dive below the surface into Sydney's hidden forest beneath the waves. Join professional surfers Laura Enever and Tom Carroll as they explore the restoration efforts and organizations bringing back the once-vanished kelp forests on Australia's eastern coast. 

Crayweed once formed dense beds on shallow reefs along the Sydney coastline. These underwater forests have become locally extinct, causing detrimental repercussions for native fish, abalone, crayfish, and coastal marine biodiversity. Crayweed is among the most important ecosystems on the planet, providing critical food and habitat for hundreds of species. These vast underwater forests support coastal food webs, sequester immense amounts of atmospheric carbon, produce oxygen for marine life, and support unique coastal biodiversity, which is not supported by any other seaweed species.
The premier of this film opens this project to all of YOU! You can restore your own sq-ft of this critical ocean ecosystem here.

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