Boardriders x SeaTrees

Boardriders Support of SeaTrees restoration projects


Boardriders and SeaTrees are proud to embark on a multi-year partnership to restore coastal ecosystems and to inspire the global surfing community to work together to protect the ocean and reverse climate change. SeaTrees projects include planting mangrove trees, restoring kelp forests, regenerating coral reefs, and conserving coastal watersheds. Collectively known as blue carbon, these coastal ecosystems sequester carbon dioxide much faster than land-based ecosystems, are biodiversity hotspots and important for sustainable development.

 Boardriders iconic surfing brands Quiksilver, Roxy, and Billabong have been co-sponsoring these initiatives, involving some of their top athletes in the restoration and storytelling, and have collectively helped SeaTrees take significant strides towards their mission of turning the tide on climate change.

SeaTrees Projects Supported by Boardriders in 2022

Watershed Restoration

Maui, Hawaii

At the beginning of 2022, Boardriders helped SeaTrees launch a new project that restored and regenerated 8,500 sq-ft of degraded coastal watershed on Maui, known in the Hawaiian language as an Ahupua'a.

Download the Maui Watershed Media Folder


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