The Nature Positive Initiative: Pioneering a Regenerative Future

Exciting news! SeaTrees has joined the Nature Positive Initiative as an official member of the Nature Positive Forum.

The Nature Positive Initiative was born from the meeting of the fifteenth Conference of the Parties for Biodiversity (COP15) in 2022, introducing a fresh blueprint for crafting a sustainable world by 2030, led by the world's top conservation organizations.

This significant step marks our commitment to fostering a regenerative future for our planet.

Our goal

More Nature by 2030

From sustainability to regeneration

From Less Bad to More Good

This initiative is all about improving how we do things, and shifting from sustainability to regeneration. By promoting a collective transition toward a regenerative mindset, the NPI is the catalyst for this global policy change, empowering us to move beyond doing less bad to creating real good for generations to come.

What is the Nature Positive Initiative?

Picture a world where nature isn't just surviving but thriving. That's the vision behind the Nature Positive Initiative – a global mission to halt and reverse nature loss by 2030 and ensure our planet's biodiversity flourishes by 2050.

But what does being Nature Positive really mean?

Achieving the Nature Positive Initiative goal isn't just about optimistic ideals; it's about real, measurable and tangible results. By requiring measurable net-positive biodiversity outcomes through the improvement in the abundance, diversity, integrity and resilience of species, ecosystems and natural processes, this goal is designed to drive change and strengthen nature's ability to enhance human wellbeing.

The Nature Positive Initiative Key Objectives are to: 

Preserve and promote the integrity of the Nature Positive goal while broadening consensus around its definition, fostering adoption, and catalyzing action.

Coordinate partners, governments, and sectors to adhere to established and evolving principles of Nature Positive.

Collaborate in advocating to government and other stakeholders to ensure the Nature Positive 2030 Global Biodiversity Framework mission is achieved.

Nature Positive Forum

The purpose of the Nature Positive Forum for relevant organizations to work together under an umbrella framework to:

  • Actively contribute to the Initiative's goal and objectives in their own activities, and contribute to and promote its guidance and positions. 
  • Commit to upholding the "Global Goal for Nature – Nature Positive" definition as posted on

SeaTrees x Nature Positive Initiative

Global leaders in the conservation space have come together to tackle this critical issue, and we are proud to be one of them. Sustainable Surf will adhere to the definition, integrity, and application of the term 'nature positive,' while actively participating in the development of essential guidelines and fostering a diverse community committed to achieving a nature-positive future.

Our membership in the Nature Positive Forum allows us to engage with the broader Nature Positive community, contribute to the development of policies and guidance, and learn and share best practices that lead to nature-positive outcomes.

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