Marereni, Kilifi, Kenya

2°53'31.2"S 40°10'15.6"E

Empowering local communities to plant and protect mangrove ecosystems.

This project restores and protects 640 hectares of highly degraded mangrove forest within Kilifi County in Kenya. With the help of project partners COBEC (Community Based Environmental Conservation) and the local community, SeaTrees will support the planting of over 775,000 mangrove trees at our new project site in Kenya.

The project site encompasses the Marereni mangrove forest ecosystems along Kenya’s eastern coast.

600+ Jobs

Community-led Conservation

COBEC works with local villages to strategically replant mangroves in deforested areas. This project creates jobs and generates income for the local villages and community groups that manage the mangrove nurseries. More than 600 people are being employed to restore the mangrove forests at this project site.

Project Summary


Threatened by deforestation

Over the last several years, the mangrove forests within the Marereni ecosystem have been destroyed by land conversion, poaching, and Illegal logging. This degradation has led to loss of biodiversity, increased coastal erosion, loss of sea grasses and coral reefs, and decreased availability of wood. 

The Marereni ecosystem supports many families, and the destruction of these mangrove forests has led to significant ecological and socio-economic impacts on the local people who depend on them for their livelihoods. 

The degradation of this critical mangrove ecosystem has led to diminished fish resources and a lack of alternative building materials, energy sources, and ways to sustain their livelihoods. 

A Biodiversity Hotspot

The project area is made up of fringing, estuarine, and creek mangrove ecosystems. These habitats are important feeding and breeding grounds for many important fish species, and is home to baboons, monkeys, and turtles, as well as an important passage and feeding area for flamingos.

The regeneration of these mangrove forests will reestablish critical habitats for several species and ensure they thrive for many years to come.

Project partners


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Sustainable Development

This project provides long-term employment for the local community. This in turn drives other Sustainable Development benefits.