Getting #OceanPositive with NFTs

For our third installment of “invest in our planet,” let’s talk about whether NFTs and cryptocurrency can be a positive force to protect Ocean Health. One way we've chosen to do this is by partnering with several NFT projects to wipe out their carbon footprints. INFTs are still Greek to you, check out this article for a helpful breakdown.

How SeaTrees Wipe Out NFT Carbon Footprints

The controversy surrounding NFTs is linked to the substantial electricity used in the minting process, giving them a reputation of being bad for the planet. However, we think this impact has been sensationalized, and we have an #OceanPositive solution.

Like any other product that uses energy, the CO2 emissions from NFTs can be precisely measured, and the climate impact can be wiped out with SeaTrees. Just like any other real-world action that emits CO2.

We also fully support the technological improvements to blockchain that reduce the carbon footprint of NFTs by over 99%.  Such as using a proof-of-stake blockchain as pioneered by Sadu (see below) or the forthcoming “merge” for Ethereum. For now, any NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain should take responsibility for its climate impact. 

When it Comes to Carbon, Knowledge is Power

A core business strategy of SeaTrees is to provide any person or business with the tools necessary to calculate their footprint and reduce their impact through sequestering more CO2 than they emit, resulting in a positive impact on the ocean and the life it supports. We've partnered with Aeriel to easily calculate the footprint of any NFT project, and then wipe out that footprint with certified carbon credits from blue carbon ecosystems around the world.

Alimo NFTs Use SeaTrees Tokens to go Ocean Positive

Our first partnership collaborates with West Coast artist Alimo who sold out their NFTs in just a couple of days. SeaTrees used custom software developed by Aerial to calculate the footprint of these NFTs, which ended up only being 2 tons. Through certified carbon credits from blue carbon ecosystems, SeaTrees was able to make the collection Ocean Positive, meaning that it sequesters more CO2 than it emits. Learn more about Alimo and their Snow collection here.

Kelp Out Coastal Ecosystems with Sadu

This month we’re also teaming up with Sadu, a play-to-earn mobile app for nature-based carbon removal that uses “ NFTrees” to reward users' physical activity with trees planted. For every workout logged in the app, Sadu will restore kelp forests with SeaTrees. So get busy and plant some SeaTrees while you surf or sweat.

Sadu is also launching an NFTree project on the Polkadot-Kusama blockchain, exponentially more energy-efficient than Ethereum. Learn more about Sadu’s innovative approach to changing the narrative on NFTs and the environment, and see how you can even earn NFTrees for free by working out on their app.