Coral Restoration: Progress Check!

Get an exclusive glimpse into the remarkable journey of our Bali coral restoration project, where we're witnessing the formation of a full, thriving reef because of the restoration being done with our partners at Ocean Gardener, and supported by all of you!

How its Done: 

Divers prepare the restoration site by hammering stakes into the ground to allow for the bio-degradable rope lines to be secured in place on the reef without the fragments touching the ocean floor until they grow large enough to withstand the harsh “rubble” environment below.

Our rope "webs" serve as the canvas for a remarkable transformation. Planting these fragments amongst healthy reefs will allow the ecosystem to thrive and help marine life return to the area.

Divers have been hard at work during the critical maintenance phase, ensuring the health and longevity of the newly planted coral. Algae removal and protection against predatory snails and starfish remain top priorities. 

Fast forward to the end of 2023, our baby corals have grown from tiny fragments into a large colony that has penetrated the rubble layer. This is the first major step toward a healthy, sustainable coral colony. 

Our commitment to biodiversity is evident in the successful collaboration of eight different coral species. Through detailed observations and data collection, we've recorded the interplay between these species, contributing to the development of a robust and diverse reef ecosystem.

We can't wait to keep updating you on this project's progress, and see how our coral reefs thrive in years to come! Thank you to our project partners at Ocean Gardener for these epic photos!