Marine Matriarchs: The Women of Ocean Alive

Located in the Cambalhao Bay in the Sado Estuary of Portugal, this project is on a mission to protect the lungs of the seaand reverse the detrimental effects of anchoring and poor navigation that have degraded vital seagrass meadows.

We're collaborating with SeaTrees project partners, Ocean Alive, and an inspiring group of women from the local fishing community who champion the protection of seagrass meadows. Through education and awareness, these women work to eliminate key threats, such as littering, anchoring, and destructive fishing practices.

By empowering women as leaders in ocean protection, we're fostering a sustainable future while supporting their transition into roles like marine education guides, awareness agents, and seagrass monitors.

Show your support for empowerment that makes a difference by diving into our latest SeaTrees film: 

‘Hidden Meadows: A Seagrass Story’