New Project Alert! 🌱

A window in the sea, into what can be.

We're stoked to announce our newest restoration project partner, Mediterranean based non-profit The CleanWave Foundation -  joining us all the way from Spain!
SeaTrees will work in collaboration with CleanWave on their MedGardens project which seeks to holistically restore and regenerate the marine ecosystem surrounding the well-known tourist destination of Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands of Spain.
The project engages multiple approaches to ensure not only restoration, but research, marine debris removal, community engagement through education, hands on training and volunteer opportunities, educational signage, and the development of a blue economy. 

“The main objective of MedGardens is to regenerate endangered coastal habitats through nature-based solutions with an ecosystem approach including marine restoration actions while fostering marine stewardship and blue economy.”

Stay tuned for project updates and more on our first ever SeaTrees Seagrass project!