Hear From The SeaTrees Community

As we bid farewell to Oceans Month, we reflect on the incredible journey we embarked upon together. World Oceans Day marked a pivotal moment, reminding us of the profound impact human activities have on our oceans. It united people from all corners of the globe in a collective endeavor to safeguard our precious marine environments for future generations.

Throughout the month, we had the privilege of sharing inspiring stories from our dedicated SeaTrees partners, supporters, ambassadors, and team members. Their testimonials resonate with a resounding message: the urgent need to restore and regenerate the health of our oceans.

Their Ocean Voices serve as a powerful reminder of why planting SeaTrees matters and the crucial role each of us plays in building a brighter, bluer future. As we conclude Oceans Month, we invite you to listen to their heartfelt stories and join us in our ongoing mission to protect and preserve our ocean's invaluable ecosystems.

Regenerative Education Centers:

SeaTrees works with local Maui project parter Regenerative Education Centers(REC), to restore and regenerate the critical coastal watershed systems of Maui, Hawai. Our brand new project site on Maui's West Side combines both the practices of regenerative farming and watershed restoration, using native Hawaiian "SeaTrees" like Ulu, Milo and other "voyaging" plants to rebuild soil health and protect the coral reefs, that lie just beyond the project site at the family-friendly Launiupoko Beach Park. To learn more about this project, visit our webpage here

Operation Crayweed / Sydney Institute of Marine Science:


We have partnered with Operation Crayweed and the Sydney Institute of Marine Science to conduct the restoration of 43,056 sq-ft (4,000 sq-m) of kelp within two separate project sites along the South Bondi subtidal rocky reef in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Crayweed is among the most important ecosystems on the planet, providing critical food and habitat for hundreds of species. These vast underwater forests support coastal food webs, sequester immense amounts of atmospheric carbon, produce oxygen for marine life, and support unique coastal biodiversity, which is not supported by any other seaweed species. Stay tuned for a SeaTrees film about this project coming soon! To learn more about this project, visit our webpage here

Coral Gardeners:

SeaTrees partners with Ocean Gardener, a local Indonesian non-profit organization with over 20 years of hands-on experience farming coral that are key to restoration and biodiversity. Their team of marine biologists, divers, and coral farmers is dedicated to restoring the degraded reefs while educating the local community on best practices to protect the reefs moving forward. Together, we are restoring coral reefs on Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia. To learn more about this project, visit our webpage here.


We are working in collaboration with the Cleanwave Foundation on their MedGardens project which seeks to holistically restore and regenerate the marine ecosystem surrounding the well-known tourist destination of Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands of Spain. The project engages multiple approaches to ensure not only restoration, but research, marine debris removal, community engagement through education, hands on training and volunteer opportunities, educational signage, and the development of a blue economy. To learn more about this project, visit our webpage here

Bodhi Patil: 


SeaTrees proudly welcomes Bodhi Patil as its newest ambassador, a young ocean guardian dedicated to protecting the ocean and its livelihood. Bodhi's deep connection with the ocean began in childhood, where he found solace and discovered the interconnectedness between Ocean Health and Human Health. Recognized as a distinguished young ocean leader by the United Nations, Bodhi co-founded initiatives like Ocean Uprise and Sea Dragon Studios - One World Breath, working towards biodiversity preservation. His vision includes intergenerational collaboration, mentoring programs, and funding for youth-led innovations in ocean-climate action. Bodhi's passion and innovation will inspire future generations in their pursuit of a sustainable and thriving ocean environment.

Head High Wines:

Head High Wines is a long-time SeaTrees partner who has supported us since the brand's early days back in 2015. We were initially drawn to their mission of being one of the most environmentally conscious wine brands in the world and responsible stewards of the land. They were the perfect fit as a SeaTrees partner for even the brand’s name (think “head high” like a wave) pays homage to the source of the climate that allows for their grapes to grow. 

But their commitment to our Ocean Planet isn’t the only reason why we think they’re #grape. Not only does the ocean play a vital role in how they make their wine, but they have also recently undergone the process of becoming Ocean Positive with SeaTrees, meaning they are going beyond carbon neutral and sequestering more carbon than they create. Through this process, they were able to make changes to their manufacturing to significantly lower their impact, and then wiped out that impact with SeaTrees Tokens - becoming the first ever Ocean Positive wine!



Our partners at Beachly are all about the ocean - those aqua blues, salty waves, and the power that exists within it. They're big believers that the ocean gives so much to us and we're always doing our best to give back. Which is why they've partnered with SeaTrees! Every Beachly box shipped helps support our SeaTrees HO'OWAIWAI Watershed Restoration project located on Maui. 

By working with SeaTrees, they are restoring the ocean's forests and rebuilding a long-neglected Watershed in Hawaii, one box at a time. With each new member that joins the Good Vibe Tribe, they're making a huge impact on our world, the environment, and the oceans that we all know and love!

Pedal Electric:

SeaTrees has partnered with Pedal Electric, a California-based e-bike brand founded by surfers who share our love for the ocean and commitment to reversing climate change. We completed a lifecycle analysis of Pedal Electric’s carbon footprint and has officially verified them as Ocean Positive, making them the first ever e-bike company to do so. To learn more about this story and how Pedal is pushing to become more and more sustainable everyday -  check out their journal.



12Tides has been a long-time SeaTrees partner, and their #Tats4Kelp campaign included a charity sweepstakes to win a kelp flash tattoo from one of five artists, the proceeds of which restored kelp in California. Those with kelp tattoos already were encouraged to share a photo using the hashtag and 12 Tides restored 40 square feet for each post. Im addition to this campaign, 12Tides has supported the restoration of over 27,000 sqft of kelp forest 

MARA Beauty:

MARA is committed to protecting our oceans and doing our part for our planet is at the core of everything they create at MARA. MARA donates to SeaTrees to help combat carbon emissions by reforesting kelp off the coast of Palos Verdes, California. 

Burgeon Beer Company:


Last year, we collaborated with our partners at Burgeon Beer Company to create the first-ever Reclaim the Sea IPA - which helped support SeaTrees kelp forest restoration with every pint sold! Last year's collab release was so successful, they brewed up a second batch for Earth Day 2023! A portion of proceeds from each pint sold help support our SeaTrees Kelp Restoration Science Initiative which works to restore restore the lost kelp forests of San Diego, and discover why they disappeared in the first place.