The Sustainable Surfing Movement Catches a Big Wave

In a world where surfing and nature go hand in hand, the industry is taking a significant step towards sustainability, and our Ecoboard Project is at the forefront of this transformative wave. We’re stoked to see the rest of the industry following suit and responding to the concern for our oceans with eco-friendly practices to wipe out its carbon footprint and climate impact -  giving back to the waves we ride. 

We believe that the idea of green surfing isn’t just a trend but is rooted in the authentic story and history of surfing - where the very first boards ridden in Hawaii were made of wood, demonstrating the sport’s origin of finding harmony with nature. Our Ecoboard Project strives to bring back this core sprit of surfing by helping the board-riding community to build and buy sustainable surfboards that not only minimize their impact on the planet - but give back to the ocean as well. 

A recent article published by our long-time pal Todd Woody dives deep into the importance of slashing surfing’s carbon footprint and highlights all those who are striving to make change in this space. Touching on clubs and companies that are working to reframe the narrative of surf culture, he introduces the positive change makers tirelessly working to make this sport one that is truly connected to the waves beneath our boards.

Check out the full article here - and if you haven’t heard about our Ecoboard Project yet, check out the video below!