The Bentley Environmental Foundation is going #Beyond100

We are excited to join our friends at Bentley Motors in celebration of the launch of The Bentley Environmental Foundation - which builds upon their #Beyond100 strategy and long-term commitment to sustainability. 

Based on extensive research and analysis of existing initiatives, The Bentley Environmental Foundation has developed a distinctive, innovative approach to modern grant-making in the environmental space. They will help to create next generation solutions to environmental challenges, aiming for rejuvenation and regeneration, going beyond carbon neutrality. The Foundation takes a three-pronged approach to grant-making – accelerating decarbonisation ('drawdown'), supporting changemakers and reimagining sustainable luxury.

We are honored to be chosen as one of the launch partners and initiatives supported by The Bentley Environmental Foundation. Funding from The Bentley Environmental Foundation will allow us to expand the SeaTrees program in Kenya and into Europe. This support will help expand our SeaTrees project currently operating in Kenya, where one million mangrove trees have already been planted, as well as in Europe with seagrass and kelp projects in Portugal and Spain. The project will support the planting and protection of mangrove trees, kelp forests, and seagrass meadows through three local restoration partners.

To learn more about the launch of The Bentley Environmental Foundation and their current initiatives, please visit their website here.