Bringing New Life to Bali's Coral Reefs

A very tropical welcome to SeaTrees’ latest project in Bali in partnership with Boardriders!

We have some exciting news to share! This week kicks off our new coral restoration project in the Ped region of Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia. Together with the Boardriders team, Roxy athlete Caroline Marks and local Quiksilver athlete Rajo Barrel, we’ll be working to showcase this incredible ecosystem and the local communities that make these projects happen.

With the help of local Balinese fishermen and our project partner Ocean Gardner, restoration will begin with growing coral fragments in the shallow waters of the Ped Acropora Coral Nursery. Once harvested, a snorkeling team transplants the new baby coral onto the reef, allowing it to grow and rebuild on its own so marine life can return to the area and flourish for years to come. 


Video: May 11 Boat ride to project site in Nusa Penida, Bali. Captured by athlete Caroline Marks.



An article and correlating paper in the Journal for Nature Conservation was published this week, highlighting the importance of local community involvement contributing to the success of coral restoration projects in Indonesia. This new review lists steps we have actually already taken with our new site in Bali to ensure its long-term success.

SeaTrees harnesses the power of local communities as critical drivers of long-term success in our restoration projects. By involving them in planting and training them to monitor and manage the sites, we can ensure our restoration projects are truly sustainable. 

We will be documenting the coral restoration with Boardriders and creating a film that will be broadcast during the World Surf League Quiksilver Pro event at G-Land from May 28 - June 6. Stay tuned on our social media to find out when the video will air and to get an inside scoop on the project!