CNN #CalltoEarth Day 2022

November 3rd is #CalltoEarth Day!
For Call to Earth Day last year, our pals over at CNN published an in-depth story about the crisis of California's kelp forests and our solution to reversing it. 
This year, we premiered a "Dive-In Movie" showcasing our successful Palos Verdes kelp restoration project with our partners at The Bay Foundation. 
The Bay Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit environmental group staffed by science and policy experts who are passionate about understanding and protecting Santa Monica Bay and its watershed. This work provides countless benefits to people and wildlife, supports a strong economy, and improves our quality of life. Together, we have successfully restored over 297,083 sq-ft of kelp forests in Palos Verdes, CA.
No car needed. No carbon emitted. Just watch, learn, and become part of the solution.
Join us and watch the video on our YouTube channel below, or here at
Want to #HelptheKelp?
Restore your own sq-ft of the threatened California kelp forest today in your name. Click to plant below!